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Domaine de la Bouroniere Fleurie beaujolais bourgogne vin rouge de Lescure chateau cave

Are you curious and interested in discovering our estate?

Come in! We will be glad to welcome you!

Our estate:

The estate is located on the hills which are over the village of Fleurie. Fleurie is also the name of the wine. That estate is a very old family property, spread on eleven hectares of granitic sands. We will be glad to welcome you and to make you discover our lovely Beaujolais and Bourgogne regions.


Our skills:

As independent winemakers, we want to produce tasty and quality wines. We control all the production processes from the fields to the sale in bottles, without forgetting the indispensable and most important step: winemaking.

Being real devotees year after year, we always try to better the quality of our wines, and we do so controlling  them regularly. Since 2005, we have received the “Sustainable Agriculture” qualification and the “Terra Vitis” label, because we are aware of the global warming and we are involved in sustainable development. So, we warrant the respect of nature as well as the transformation of our products using natural methods for working our soils and producing our wines.


Our wines:

These wines are elaborated with the purest tradition and give great fineness, elegant and fruity vintages.

We traditionally propose two different vintages according to the wishes and the tastes of everyone :

One particular vintage, elaborated between 6 and 18 months in oak barrels creates a red berry flavour. It is quite appropriate in summer if drunk a little cool. It suits well barbecues or salty pies. In winter, it accompanies perfectly any dish of cold meat and cheese or Asian cooking.

A prestige vintage, elaborated during 11 months in oak “pieces”, Burgundian word for barrel, underlines a woody scent and red berry flavour as in jam.  For lovers of gourmet dishes carefully cooked, whether spicy or not, this vintage is a dream. It can be drunk  between 3 and 10 years of maturity. These wines are also ideal as aperitifs as traditional dishes.